My name is J. Leslie Booth, but most people know me as, Les Booth. Hence the name of this site.

My name is J. Leslie Booth

… but most people know me as, Les Booth. Hence the name of this site.

The DOMAIN is my Portfolio domain. I’ve owned it for many years. And frankly, I’ve been too busy to really put much attention into it. I’ve decided that before my mortal coil unwinds I should flesh out this DOMAIN and allow it to tell a bit of my story. The long-term purpose for building out this DOMAIN, is that it functions as a semi-permanent (as long as the hosting is paid for and the electricity stays on) Legacy of WHO I am and WHAT did in my professional (and to some extent, personal) existence.

This site will also provide a reference for current and future clients of my work and services. The information within will provide extended depth for my,,, and other Social Media accounts and connections.

Yet, another purpose will be a repository showcase of selected elements of my Professional Portfolio. I will provide the Portfolio in 2-parts. FIRST: as a Gallery showcasing differing kinds of projects I’ve worked on; either as an employee, commissioned, or self-created. SECOND: as an ongoing announcement and history of projects being worked on, to come, and important to my professional development.

Of course, this exercise may have no more appeal to anyone else than the wind blowing from a gnat’s wings. But at least, it’s entertaining for me and may serve as an interesting bit of historical reference to some poor soul, desperately in need of social contact. Nearly as dangerous as cyanide, but unlike cyanide, one can walk away from this without the usual fatal result.

I do hope those who read this bit of personal history come away with something of usable value.

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Best, les booth