About me

I have for over 45 years honed skills and expertise as a designer, writer, artist, social mediast, and social connector. I received foundational development while working for other companies and educational institutions (CV History upon request), but my primary development came through my companies, NET500.CG and eDIGImag, LLC. Professional and personal interests range from story creation to outdoor pursuits, focusing on Creative Collaborations.
Life experiences have afforded me access to many of the most interesting people the world has to offer; both celebrity and private. As a Creative Collaboration Architect, I build connections between PEOPLE: PLACES, THINGS, and OTHER PEOPLE.
My wife and I live, work and make our home in West Lafayette, Indiana.

My Skills

I believe learning is Lifelong and never stops. I began, and remain, intensely interested in learning new concepts, tools, and techniques adding depth to my Profession Exposure.


  • Photography: all formats (film to digital)
    • Post/Edit: Adobe Creative Suite, many others
  • Video: digital
    • Post/Edit: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, others
  • Audio: Record/Edit/Production
    • Adobe Creative Suite, Garage Band, Audacity, others
  • Design: 2D, 3D, Animation
  • Adobe Creative Suite,


Email, Social Media, P2P


Fiction, Scientific, Historic Fiction, Children, Periodical, Short-story, Poetry


SNEEZER, Community, Platform Architect

Profession Exposure




2008 – Present · 14 years 3 mos
West Lafayette, IN – West Lafayette, IN
Publishing the collaborative efforts of artists, writers,and entrepreneurs worldwide. eDIGImag, LLC / Digital Media Creation, Development, and Publication


Arthur O’fieldstream Outdoor Journal

Owner/Managing Editor

1990 – Present · 32 yrs 6 mos 1990 – Present · 32 yrs 6 mos
West Lafayette, IN
Publishing of outdoor adventures in the Blog: Arthur O’fieldstream Outdoor Journal; Heritagekeeper.org and others


NET500 Creative Group (N5.CG)

Creative Information Architect (CIA)

1974 – Present · 48 yrs
West Lafayette, IN
• New Media Publisher and Consultant
• Creator of eLithograph and ePhotogravure process
• Technology Advisor to Outdoor Writers Association of America and nationwide membership
• Developer of New Media techniques, protocol, and education materials.
• Information and Analytics Specialist: marketing and emerging online markets
• Web Developer\Designer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Videographer, Writer
• Consulting and production for Corporate Image Design, Internet Presence, Marketing, and Signage

N5.CG continues with an eye on the horizon of technology: current and future. We create new ways to bring information between source and customer, into concert with needs. Information location, acquisition, and dissemination are our primary commodities. Our mission is to create the most successful architecture between problem, solution, and success. Our objectives are met when clients are successful.

Change is the fuel of success.
Ripples are the constant indicators.
Knowledge is the access to make success happen.

Know Ripples, Know Change. No Ripples, No Change.