Hello World! Can you hear me now?

Whether you started computing in the DOS era or just started a Word Press blog, these two words are very familiar. They have been offered as the ‘first communication via a computer’ to millions of computer users since the late 1970’s; probably earlier. I’ll use them, too:“Hello world!”

This is not my first web site. That honor goes to a production in January 1993 called, Celery Bog: Study of an Urban Wetland Encroachment. That study was the focus of a 499 Special Problems class project at Purdue University, the webpage (term of the era) was my own idea; and I might add not seen, nor appreciated, as a valuable effort by my professor, either. Another, ‘term (or plague) of the era\’.

The only remnants of that project are some illustrations, the paper report and some data sheets. Another ‘term (casualty) of the era’ – was many of us just didn’t realize we were actually pioneering. We were just having a gas doing what we were doing. Wish I’d have thought about that a bit more … then. 20/20 hindsight – too bad its such and ‘after-the-fact’ condition. One day I’ll attempt to ‘re-produce’ that web site – sort of like reconstructing the skeletal remains of some ancient citizen of a by-gone era. Hmmm, cool idea. Must make a note to do that….

Everything about the world we know now in computing was only a dream then. And I was fortunate enough to have a seat right near the stage. I chose the CMS format of Word Press as the portal platform for my domain lesbooth.com because I personally like the ‘blog format’ and I like the technology behind the online CMS. I like that I can:

  • publish to it from anywhere
  • publish from numerous devices
  • read it dynamically
  • archive it dynamically
  • enjoy rapid and mass marketing of the content with so little effort on my part

Not being tied to a specific point, device or method for publishing or reading, IS the concept behind all of this. Why not get busy using it. Eh?

I will be using this site as a portal into my personal and career activities. Thus, it will suffice as both bulletin board and portfolio. ‘Cause, really, both conditions are WHO and WHAT I am – and what I am about. Soup and sandwich sort of thing… ‘ya know. Take a look – regardless of your reason for being here – and if you see something that either interests you or is – in your opinion – controversial enough to comment on – then please, by all means, do so. ‘ll be posting here from time-to-time with details of the goings on from all points of my empire building as a creative information architect.

See y’all later.


PS. There is a reason for this first posting to be on September 30th. 30 September is my wedding anniversary. For me 30 September 1973 was much more than just the date I married my best friend. That day was the day my life really began to change. So, it ‘s only fitting that I launch the domain that carries my name, on a day that – at least for me – signifies a major change-point in my life. I certainly hope I can look back on this date with the same fondness, admiration and love – as I do on that beautiful, early autumn day in 1973 and say this too, was a day of a major -positive!- change-point in my life. As they say, “… only time will tell. “

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