Les Booth is a Creative Information Architect. Do you have a problem that needs a solution? A question that needs and answer? A project that needs an image? Providing timely, future thinking solutions, is what Les Booth has been doing for over three decades.

For the past 40+ years, Les has been providing creative answers for the corporate/scientific/non-profit communities in the areas of media, design, marketing and research.

Les was an early adopter and pioneer in the use of technology in his profession. Thus, over the past 30 years his clients have gained ground from his use/development/associations in the world of technology.

Les has a BSc in AgScience from Purdue University and real-time experience in all levels of business spanning 40+ years.

Les is the owner and founder of NET500.CG, an analog-2-digital marketing and education company.

NET500.CG serves as an umbrella for Les’ many online properties. Connect with NET500.CG and you connect with Les.


Communicator, designer, photographer, illustrator, writer, marketer, storyteller, entrepreneur, visionary, outdoorsman.
All Adobe Creative products; Apple, Windows, Linux, Unix; Web tools/user/creative; WordPress


“Know Ripples, Know Change. No Ripples, No Change.”