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LB WPcom: Life In Natural Development

The Beginning

On the banks of Big Pine Creek, I took my rightful place, To live and wonder the hill and hollers, In search of  my connection to nature’s beat…

Gar People and the Kid!

With a wee nudge from the Gar People, the play is about to begin.


Daily Gasp 10.10.16

BAC and your health An eye examination or the use of artificial tears should not end in a condition worse than before the supposed protective activity.  But many times this is just the case.  Eye drops – regardless of their chemical makeup – contain preservatives to keep them free of bacteria. These preservatives can and […]

Daily Gasp 03.18.13

Wood Smoke… beware it can be quite harmful I sit here on the couch writing this latest Daily Gasp, doing just that, gasping.  I have had light chills and fever, body aches, a nasty headache and a most unusual sore throat, for the past 48 hours.  All due to wood smoke. But I’m ahead of […]

Daily GASP 03.01.13

Demarle Silpat® silcone/fiberglass non-stick cooking sheet Empirical evidence is what is needed to ‘prove’ the danger of anything. Empirical data is hard to come by when huge amounts of money are involved. It seems to clog up the common and good sense orifices of society. I am writing this while setting in our dining area, […]